JPEG encoding and motion tracking on ATEME kit for airborne video surveillance

People: Chandra Kambhamettu, Rohith MV and Gowri Somanath

Collaborators: Zhogyan Lin, Delaware State University

In this project we implemented JPEG compression of NTSC 240 line color video for wireless transmission to a ground station. The kit consisted of Texas Instruments TI6400 DSP evaluation platform and a NTSC color video camera. Our modules provided two views - overview (full frame) and detail view (manual ROI or automatic motion detected region). A JAVA interface was created for ground station control of the following parameters - JPEG Q-factor, relative frame rate of two views, mode selection for detail view and thresholds. The TI Image processing library was extensively used in implementing the compression algorithm. The effect of quality factor, different modes for detail view and relative frame rate between the views on the total network traffic (achieved frame rate at ground station) was reported. The transmission protocol used was TCP. A custom header was designed for sending the view frames to the ground station player.


Video (~20MB)