Chimera Hardware Description

  • the vendor is Penguin Computing
  • the cluster is rack-mounted, comprising 3 racks
  • it has 1 head node + 66 compute nodes
  • each compute node fits in one rack unit and has:
  • memory
    • 8 of the compute nodes have __128GB__ RAM each
    • the remaining compute nodes have __64GB__ RAM each
    • the 8 nodes with 128GB RAM are intended for those applications that don't scale so well to thousands of cores
    • the RAM is all in 4GB DIMMS; the 64GB nodes just have half of the slots empty
    • it is possible in the future to bring any or all of the 64GB nodes up to 128GB if funds become available; currently, the cost is about $2411 to do this for one node
    • a total of 8*128GB + 58*64GB = __4,736GB__ memory (excluding head node)
  • head node
    • similar to the 64GB compute nodes, but with only two CPUs instead of 4
    • it will only be used for logging on, compiling, administration, and so forth
  • interconnect
    • the nodes are networked using QDR Infiniband
    • all the nodes are connected to a Mellanox Infiniband switch
    • an additional 10Gig Ethernet network and switch are in the works