Creating New Chimera Users

Creating new Chimera users

Creating file space


Adding to groups

On dilbert

  1. cd /var/yp/src/
  2. co -l group.local
  3. edit group.local appropriately
  4. ci -u group.local

Don't forget the "chimera" group.

Adding to SLURM

In addition to creating accounts and file space, new users need to be added to the SLURM accounting database so that they can run jobs and have their priorities and restrictions be set appropriately. This is done as root using the sacctmgr command:

sacctmgr -i add user <username> DefaultAccount=<account>

<username> should be the appropriate user name, of course. If the user is a member of a particular faculty member's group, use that faculty's group name for <account>. Classes may have a particular class account. Otherwise, use "general".

The <account> must be created before users are added to it. When a new account is needed (e.g., a new PI is added), it can be created as follows:

sacctmgr -i add account <account>

Accounts are a different namespace than users, so a particular faculty's account name is the same as their username.

Accounts can be hierarchical, though that feature isn't used at the moment. Users can be assigned to more than one account, though they must choose which they use when submitting jobs. To assign an already-created user to another account, use:

sacctmgr -i add User <username> Account=<new account>

You can also change the DefaultAccount:

sacctmgr -i modify User <username> set DefaultAccount=<new account>

Of particular interest is the guest account. Jobs running under this account are limited to one hour, no more than five guest jobs may be running at any one time, and no more than five nodes may be used (by all guest jobs) at any one time.

Limits may be set on particular users or on Accounts. User limits take precedence over Account limits.