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If you're having problems with your local PC please try to identify it with the service tag, MAC address or host name.

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What is my machine's hostname (UNIX/Linux)?

On most Sun and Linux computers, the hostname is written on a label on the case of the computer. Otherwise, if you are able to login, type "hostname", and it'll return the hostname to you. The result of "uname -a" would also be helpful if you place it in your request.

What is my machine's IP Address (Windows)?

On Windows machines, open Control Panel, click Network, double click on Local Area Connection, and your IP address will be listed in the Details tab. Alternatively, click the Start button, run, enter "cmd" in the textbox, and click okay. Then enter "ipconfig /all" in the window, and your IP will start with 128.4.?.? .

What is my machine's MAC address?

We accept MAC addresses in the form of xxxxxx:xxxxxx. For example, 012345:6789ab. Sometimes you'll see this as 01:23:45:67:89:ab.

What should I put if I am unable to find the above?

If it is impossible to figure out the previous, a serial number on the case, especially a Dell Service Tag is helpful. Simply describing the placement of the computer in a room will greatly delay servicing of your request by several days.