ieee students

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is worldwide technical professional society devoted to advancing the theory and application of electrical engineering, electronics and computing. The IEEE serves engineers, scientists and other professionals in approximately 150 countries. It is the world's largest technical professional society. The Institute believes that by promoting the free exchange of technology information, members can advance themselves and their profession, as well as contribute to general TEST public understanding about the importance of electrical, electronics and computer engineering. To carry out its technical and public missions, the IEEE offers a host of publications, conferences and educational programs.

IEEE members have expertise in areas ranging from computers, energy and biomedical technology, to transportation and consumer electronics. Now in its second century, the Institute is dedicated to leading the search for new ways to bring technology's benefits to people everywhere.

The University of Delaware student chapter of the IEEE strives to promote the career opportunities available and to raise awareness of new developments in the field among electrical and computer engineering students by fostering interaction among students, faculty, employers and professional engineers.







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