Intro to Computer Science with Web Applications

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Class Homeworks

  1. Homework 1
    Homework 1 (pdf) (Due Sunday at midnight)
  2. Homework 2
    Homework 2 (pdf) (Due Sunday at midnight)
  3. Homework 3
    Homework 3 (pdf) (Due Sunday at midnight)
  4. Homework 4
    Homework 4 (pdf) (Due Sunday at midnight)
  5. Homework 5
    Homework 5 (pdf) (Due Sunday at midnight)
  6. Homework 7
    Homework 7 (pdf) (Due Monday at midnight)
  7. Homework 8
    Homework 8 (pdf) (Due Monday at midnight)

Web Site Requirements:

Web Site due Monday, March 24

Peer Review (docx) Due Monday, March 24
Peer Review(pdf)

Web Site Requirements (docx)
Web Site Requirements (pdf)

Creating Text Files:

Creating, Validating and Updating Basics:

HTML Tutorial:

CSS Tutorial:

JavaScript Tutorial:

  • JS5.docx
  • JS5.pdf
  • Hex Color Charts

    D. Yarrington, 411 Smith Hall