Xiaoyan Xiang


Department of Computer and Information Science

University of Delaware


Office at:

Computer and Information Science Department:

212 Smith Hall

University of Delaware

Newark, DE 19716


I got my Master degree in Computer and Information Science in University of Delaware in May 2009. My advisor is Dr. Chandra Kambhamettu and I am a member of the Video/Image Modeling and Synthesis Lab at UDEL. Before coming to Delaware, I studied at Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUHK) and got my Master degree in Electronic Engineering. My advisor was Dr. Yuanting Zhang, and I was a member of the Joint Research Center for Biomedical Engineering at Hong Kong. In 2003, I graduated as a Bachelor from University of Science and Technology of China(USTC).





My research interests are computer vision, image security and image processing, especially biomedical image processing. Some related projects carried in our group are listed as follows:

¡¤         Automatic detection and segmentation of Ground-Glass Opacity(GGO) tumor

¡¤         Medical CT Image Database of lung Ground-Glass Opacity(GGO) tumor at VIMS





¡¤        X.Y. Xiang, C. C.Y. Poon, and Y.T. Zhang, ¡° Modeling of the Cuffless Blood Pressure Measurement Errors for the Evaluation of a Wearable Medical Device¡±,  Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE-EMBS International Summer School and Symposium on Medical Devices and Biosensors (ISSS-MDBS 2006).

¡¤        Y.T. Zhang, X.Y. Xiang, and C. C.Y. Poon, ¡° The Evaluation of Nodes of Body Sensor Networks: Wearable Blood Pressure Measuring Devices¡±, International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks, pp. 158 ¨C 161, 2006.

¡¤        F. Li, N.H. Yu, X.Y. Xiang, and Y.F. Zheng, ¡° A Distributed Threshold Signature Algorithm on Canon of Probability¡±, 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications and 5th International Symposium on Multi-Dimensional Mobile Communications, pp. 539-542, 2004.



Selected Course Projects


¡¤        Disparity Image and Image Warp

¡¤            ¡­


Honors and Awards 


¡¤        The first prize in the 9th ¡°Challenge Cup¡± National College Students Competition of Extracurricular Scientific and Technological Innovations (group member): A Novel Stethoscope with Cuffless Noninvasive and Continuous Monitoring of Blood Pressure. 2005

¡¤        Championship of Vice-Chancellor¡¯s Cup of Student Innovation (group member), CUHK: A Novel Wearable Wireless Device for the Monitoring of Multiple Physiological Signals. 2005

¡¤        Student Fellowship in Chinese University of Hong Kong. 2004 ¨C 2006

¡¤        Outstanding Student Scholarships in University of Science and Technology of China. 1998 ¨C 2001





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