Seth Morecraft

Seth Morecraft UD Landing Page

This page acts as a route for you to find my current class(es) and link to them.

CISC 360: Computer Architecture

box CISC360 - Principles and techniques used in the architecture of digital computers. Machine elements and their interrelation. Instruction sets, risc vs cisc, registers, busses and switches.

CISC 474 - Advanced Web Technologies

boxCISC474 - This course will focus on the specifics of web programming. Understanding the underlying systems (client, server and network infrastructure) is required before any real understanding of what programming you are acautlly doing can take place. Therefore we will begin with a look under the covers of web servers, server infrastructure, and client web browsers. We will then dive into multiple web programming frameworks and along the way we will uncover advanced techniques that make web programming one of the fastest development environments there is.

Other classes such as CISC475 and CISC260 have been archived.